My Story

My family was military so we moved all over the country. Back in 2014, my dad retired after 26 years as a military policeman. We decided to move to a farm. At our old house, I made money by delivering flyers. Flyers would not be a viable option as other houses are too far away. Because of this, I started researching alternative options. I started researching chickens. I loved the idea of them because you didn't have to butcher them to collect payment, and I also think they're cute. In July of 2014, when I was 10 years old, I ordered my first 11 chickens. Shortly after, I picked them up. The barn on our property was not ready because we had moved in a month before, so we kept them in our bathtub with a heatlamp, food, water and bedding. Before long, we prepared the barn and moved them into it as soon as they were big enough. I sold them to people at my dad's work until April 2015. I decided I needed better marketing and accessibility, so I bought a website. My brother had done some mini-enrichment courses with HTML so I got him to make the first revision of the website. Shortly after, I began learning HTML, JavaScript and C++. I started updating the website, and I have since made several re-writes. On June 12, 2015, I bought 30 more chickens, bringing my numbers up to 41 chickens. Over the winter of 2015, I lost a few chickens to the weather, heart attacks or other things. (I'm not a big fan of performing autopsys on chickens, so I'm unsure of definate causes) In the summer of 2016, I have brought up numbers to 70 chickens through the purchase of more chicks and giving kindergarden classrooms fertilized eggs. My immidiate family, grandparents and I have made improvements to the chicken coop such as adding more roosts, making nesting boxes for cleaner eggs and less breakage, and providing my chickens with toys we design. My chickens are free to wander around 12 acres of my family's property. These chickens are treated very well, as they are my pets! In the spring of 2017, I lost a few chickens to predators. I was down on eggs numbers, from the chickens not laying due to stress. I would sit out by the barn and watch them, entertaining myself by playing an instrument. Usually accordion or harmonica, but sometimes mandolin, violin, guitar, banjo or a Merlin. When the school year was coming near, I had to find a solution, which is Lily, our livestock guardian.