My Story

Ever since I was young, I had wanted chickens. My father was a military policeman, so we moved all over Canada and lived in townhouses, so keeping chickens was not a feasible option. When I turned 10 in 2014, my father retired after 26 years of service, and we bought a small hobby farm outside of Stittsville. In July of 2014, I ordered my first 11 chicks. Those 11 chicks started my love for raising chickens, and those 11 chicks have turned into a flock of 100 birds.

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Lily the Livestock Guardian

In the spring of 2017, various predators including foxes and hawks almost wiped out my entire chicken flock. I couldn't pen them up, as the chickens would not be free range, so I had to find another solution. That solution is Lily, a Great Pyrenees and Maremma mix.

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Other Products

I also offer handmade pens and Graham's Great Honey, which is honey produced by my brother's bees. Click the button below to learn more.

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Free Range

The chickens have all this and more space to roam around in.


Interacting with Chickens

During the summer months, I sit outside with my chickens and play an instrument on that bench. That instrument can be an accordion, a harmonica, a guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin or merlin.


Socialized Chickens

I have handled and socialized my chickens since day one, so that the chickens are friendly with anyone new who comes.


Well cared for Chickens

My chickens are given freedom to roam, and that is reflected in the eggs. I care for them in any way I can, there are no days off for me. They are fed unaltered grain (they eat mostly grass from the field anyway) and are given clean water.